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Hey! Welcome to my blog! Here will be the place, where I will write about my experiences and adventures in software development. You know, sometimes we all have moments when we have plenty of thoughts to share. But then, we are usually short on time, aren't we? And when time passes we just forget...

And I hate that. I hate to miss things. I hate to lose moments I know they will never happen again. Sometimes I have plenty of thoughts to share. Perhaps hardly valuable... or not, we will see. But, after years of planning and telling myself I should write about this or that, finally I start to write it for real.

I strongly believe in emerging via sharing. Sharing knowledge, opinions, or different points of view has a stunning impact on getting faster and closer to right conclusions. That is why pair programming is one of my favorite techniques of extreme programming.

I'm a heavy Ruby guy so you should find a lot of Ruby stuff here. I'm also very keen on Vim, Tmux, and the whole terminal as IDE idea, so certainly you will find many tips and tutorials concerning all of them regarding both setup and daily usage.

Besides, I am a pragmatic TDD/BDD advocate, so I will focus on various testing and design principles and caveats. Nowadays, it is quite common to explain a lot of things without the testing perspective. A lot of books show you how to write code, but not how to test it first. I do not like testing is out of scope excuses. Good testing leads to good understanding. And because good understanding heads up toward good design, I will try to provide you a lot of valuable testing guidelines.

Ok... promises have been made. Buckle up. We are starting. See you soon!

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